CELLOX started in 1961 with providing its clients high end protective packaging. From the design process to final packaging our CELPAX products have delivered a high quality to numerous brands and products for over 55 year. Our CELPAXs expanded polystryene (EPS) products are recyclable, light weight, compressed, tough and cost effective. Unlike other corrugate or fabricated form parts our CELPAX packaging cushions have a smooth molded surface which not scratch.

Packaging and Protection

In most cases product being handled are not designed for shipping, handling and storage. With the products movement through the supply chain and manufacturing process your products are presented with the most severe exposure to damage potential. With CELPAX our goal of cushioning design is to create a cushioning system that deflects and mitigates both sustained vibrational stress and shock in order to protect a product while it is in the supply chain. The cushioning properties of protective cushioning do this by spreading the force generated from either shock or vibration over both greater time duration and area.

Protective packaging design should also minimize that amount of material required to protect the product without changing the performance characteristics of the cushioning material.

Protective packaging serves as the temporary intermediary between relatively fragile products and hostile and dangerous supply chain environments. The cushioning within packages or which surrounds the product bridges the gap between the inherent ruggedness of the product and the level of hazard present in the physical environment.

CELPAX is continually updating and expanding its capacity and technology to meet our customers demands.

Design Process

CELLOX offers value through understanding the customer’s entire supply chain and helps to collaborate an evaluation of a particular product’s protection requirements within that supply chain. During your custom design process we strive to deliver on these areas.

  • Recovery- How is your product being handled with the stresses that will be introduced during the shipping, handling and manufacturing? How will your product handle, shock, drops, abrasions and fatigue through this process.
  • Climate – What challenges does your product face with conditions? Is moisture, relative humidity, direct solar radiation and extreme temperature variations a challenge?
  • Design- Is the design effective, simple, and environmentally compatible? Does this product keep your product brand intact during the handling process?
  • Cost- Is your design cost effective?

    At CELLOX we will deliver on all your vision and needs from higher insulation, impact, density, colors, flammability, food contact, environmental, and many more.

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